Today, as I write, I am in a world with no waymarks, no clear paths, no guide, and extreme loneliness.  It can often be a very harsh path.  I am aware constantly that I am on this path alone – that no one else can tread it for me or with me.  My life feels as blurred and unclear as the dark, blurred shapes that I see around me when I open my eyes.  I am going to invite you into this world of mine, however, despite the fact that you cannot actually walk the path with me.  In my extreme solitude, I have discovered a way through this, through the Cross of Christ.


There have been many words said, and many words written, about suffering, making suffering seem almost glamorous.  It may be presented as glamorous, in a way, to suffer with Christ.  But let me assure you that suffering is far from glamorous, and that there may be times when, with Christ, we cry out, “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?” I want to be able to show you that even when we have uttered those words, we can, with Christ, ultimately say, “Father, into Thy hands I commit my spirit.”  As you read here, I pray that you will find peace in your struggles and in your own wilderness.


7 thoughts on “BLIND WILDERNESS

  1. Well Dear Lorri you have crossed My Path, and although I am able to see, I do understand extreme suffering and loneliness! Others may cross our paths from time to time, but we each have our own paths and we need to walk along our own paths alone. In fact my Blog itself is called: I am My Path, and I believe we have crossed each other’s paths for a reason!
    Well glamorous certainly is not a word to describe suffering, but almost all of us do go through a certain amount of suffering in this life. It is said that when all else fails, people turn to religion/God. I also believe in Lord Jesus Christ and most certainly he will give you comfort ❤
    I am not with you physically, but I have joined you as a soul sister or a soul friend, and with you in spirit, on, "Your Journey" so, "You are Not Alone" As we walk along our own paths separately, yet we are together in spirit ❤
    I also understand cancer. I pray daily and have dedicated myself for service and healing, and at this stage I am receiving Healing Energies, through intense praying. I send you much Love, Light and Healing Energies and wish you both Good Health. May you find peace in the arms of Lord Jesus Christ. God Bless ❤

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  2. This is very inspiring. I am glad you are sharing your experiences. If anyone understands suffering and loneliness, it’s Christ.
    I have a friend who wrote something beautiful, that even when we fall on our faces into the deepest pit, we open our eyes and lo and behold, we are looking into the loving eyes of another, the One we land on, who’s been in the lowest and darkest places, and Who raises us up with Him. We are never alone 🌸
    Thank you for your visit. I am so moved by your story. God bless!
    – Vanessa

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  3. blindzanygirl

    Thank YOU anessa. I actually wrote a piem about EXACTLY what your friend said. It is SO true. There are times when we struggle with it, but then we come back to this beautiful realisation. I am so glad you visited. Please come again.

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