I went in search of my roots one day
And found a rowan tree
Its berries red spoke of red red blood
In the growing red of the sky
And I knew that red described most of my life
All taken into the blood of my Lord

It was just in time that I found my Lord
Salvation came to me that day
Hell on earth had been my life
I cried when I saw the rowan tree
Darker grew the evening sky
I thought of the Lamb’s shed blood

As a child I had been immsersed in blood
But not the blood of my Lord
Though I knew above me there was blue sky
Darker and darker grew each day
I did not jnow that there was a tree
That was the Tree of Life

Pain had followed me all of my life
I didn’t want to see the blood
But now I saw in the rowan tree
The bleeding wounds of my Lord
Now it was a diferent day
I knew there was blue in the sky

Though blind now, I still can see the sky
As I contemplate my life
Darker now is every day
Redder is my blood
But not as red as the blood of my Lord
Or the berries on the rowan tree

I will sit beneath the rowan tree
Whatever the colour of the sky
Drinking in the love of my Lord
The Saviour of my life
Knowing His redeeming blood
At the ending of my day

One day I sat in the darkening sky
Where the rowan tree told me of my life
Its berries then the colour of blood that spoke of the blood of my Lord

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