One night
I heard eternity calling
You came to me
In robes of green and gold
“I’m going home”
I said
And our smiles joined as one
What joy was in that moment
As you read to me about green pastures,
Still waters serenaded me with their silence,
As I moved towards the Great Banquet
A Feast spread before me
Oh what joy did fill my heart that night
This was the moment I had always waited for
You anointed my head with oil
Deep called to Deep
Gently I felt myself slipping
Into waters so pure
Around me I heard voices,
The saints who had gone before me
Who had run the great race
Their gentle strength surrounding me
Lifting me to heaven
That night I saw into eternity
And lived

3 thoughts on “LAST RITES

  1. “Lifting me to heaven
    That night I saw into eternity
    And lived”

    I’ve found myself in this same blessedness. Today, it was as I woke. So I will say, I rise and live. It was beautiful how you weaved in everlasting truth with your heart felt words. Beautifully done. May these words bless many as it did me. Thank you for sharing your heart and thoughts. Can’t wait till your next posting.

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  2. blindzanygirl

    Thankyou so much. This was an actual event during my cancer. I was in fact, we thought, going home. Tumours all over my one night, I was dying, or so it seemed. body, some resting on my aorta and heart. I received the Last Rites. It was the most beautiful experience Inhave ever had. I saw into eternity. I heard and felt the communion of saints. All those who had gone before me. This is what fuels my poetry now, although I am left blind and in a wheelchair, with not thenusual means of feeling in the hands that a blind person has to aid them. Yet I will never forget that beautiful experience despite my present pain and suffering.m my husband being wheelchair bound too from post,polio syndrome makes for a hard life. We have no help, but manage to survive – just! This is why faith and hope matter to me. Sometimes it is hard to hold on. There are struggles. But in the end I know that there is zsomething beyond us. God blessnyou my friend and thankyou for your lovely wirds xx

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  3. Dear Lorraine, you have a beautiful and unique story. My heart hurts to hear your physical condition as well as your husband. As you face your days, know someone in America wishes to live close to you and visit you as often as i could. So for now, I imagine being in the same room with you, sharing our writings and our lives over tea. God Bless you and keep posting your poetry. Much love.


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