It’s like I’m in a different world
Homesick, lonely, aching,
The world goes on, without me,
I lie here, not even able to imagine any more, paralysed in my mind,
Hopeless, helpless,
Watching you playing, with the eyes of my heart,
I live in the past now, remembering,
But even the remembering hurts,
Perhaps I had better not remember,
For then I was part of something,
Now I am not,
Then I could relate,
Now I can’t,
I read your words, see your world, hear your moans,
With envy, jealousy, disdain,
For you cannot taste my food,
My banquet,
We cannot share, pass the cakes, the cruets,
No seasoning can blend our lives into a world of taste, and sound, and sight,
I am forever lonely,
I was once like you

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