Lies in the path
Of holy innocence
The darkness stalks those born to die
Who wins
The stakes?
Those who lose their lives will gain them
Though harsh may seem the path
Hush gentle one
Don’t cry

4 thoughts on “HOLY INNOCENCE

  1. The pleasure is mine Lorraine, you are an Alchemist of word, a Poet, even though sightless, you see what others only look at and will never understand. There are wonders behind the doors we Poets open and we gravitate to each other so I’m glad to have found you.


  2. blindzanygirl

    Oh Nigel. Thankyou so very much. Your words are so encouraging, when sometimes I have wondered if it was wirth carrying on writing. What wonderful words to me. You have made my night! I want to read mire of your poetry, which is so insightful and beautiful. I can only manage to read so mych at once, but I most certainly want to read much mire of yours. Yes, we do find each other don’t we. I see that you too have an illness that must be very debilitating. It is steange how these sorts of things turn us into writers. Thankyou so much, once again


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