Last year
I saw beauty
Blossoming all around,
One year, when the blossom bloomed, sky
Was blue,
scent filled
the air, a shock hit me, CANCER!
“You may die,” he told me,
Eyes on the floor,

A dark room, while
Birds sang and pink adorned
The cherry trees,
I cried
The fullness of life all around,
I, empty, except for
Tumours, many,
So large

How could
This happen now,
In the Spring, when the sun
Shone so brightly,
Night fell
For me,
Soon would begin my fight for life,
Though I, too weak to fight,
Wanted to die,
Go home.

I fought,
To save my life,
Used every ounce of strength,
Assailed by many a dark night,
A spark
Still glowed, so tiny no one knew
It was there, but life grew,
Won the battle,

6 thoughts on “BATTLE

  1. blindzanygirl

    Love you too. My name is Loraine. I think my website tells you. On the first page? In About Me maybe. And your stuff is anazing too xx


  2. Oh my bad, I missed it reading somehow but got all the info as for now.
    You have a lovely name and the strongest strength Lorraine.

    Always loving you and respecting you for you are no ordinary girl.❤️


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