My mother is sick.

I watched
As she whimpered
Unable to catch breath
Exhausted from trying to live
Of death
The one who was never frightened
Now laying down power
I embraced her

In life
No embraces
Nor gentleness of touch
Only a cold hard iron will
I longed
For touch
But now here in death I touched her
Her body limp with pain
No resistance
Met me

Pierced my aching
Heart so full of sweet love
For this one who only
Knew how to hurt, control me
I’m here
In this your dying hour sore pain
Fills my wounded spirit
I love you Mum
She hears

(My mother is very sick right now. This is my poem to her. There will be many more)

5 thoughts on “I WATCHED

  1. blindzanygirl

    Thankyou so much. She has always been a horribly abusive mother, but I will not desert her now. I need my strength for this. Thankyou so much fornyoyr goid wishes. They mean a lot


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