Do you hear it? The silent scream
Horror scanning the face of the world
How many people have no voice?
How many paralysed by their pain?
Silently the scream writhes, tortured
Then dies in agony on the ground

Why are so many on the ground?
Chained by pain, unable to scream?
Don’t you see the wounds of the tortured?
Aren’t you aware of the wounds of the world?
Man on man inflicts so much pain
Could there ever be a loud enough voice?

Let the victims have their voice
Rising to heaven from the ground
Can even heaven absorb so much pain
Can hallelujahs contain the scream?
Are we stuck within our world?
Condemned for ever to be tortured

I know what it is to be tortured
What it is to have no voice
Flattened by the ways of this world
Crushed and soiled upon the ground
I open my mouth and try to scream
But silence vomits all my pain

Such a mess is made by my pain
It is not pretty to be tortured
Heaven itself cannot hear my scream
There is no place there for my voice
No, my place is here on the ground
Whilst evil walks right through the world

One day we’ll know a different world
A world where there is no more pain
No bodies littering the ground
No more silent screams of the tortured
One day all will have a voice
And never again the silent scream

Do you hear the scream of pain?
In a world that is full of the tortured
Trying to give voice to the pain on the ground

9 thoughts on “THE SILENT SCREAM – a sestina

  1. blindzanygirl

    Oooh please do. When I decide I want to write one, I get the first line, but never know where it is going until the end of the,poem. It kind of creates itself as it goes along. In many, I put different meanings onto the repeated wirds. I love doing the. Please share yours. Smile x


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