13 thoughts on “LUMINOUS DARKNESS

  1. ahhh, Love. No more God for me. I’m done with Him, or whatever. Too much anthropomorphic neurology for me in that word. No division. No Angels and Demons. No God. No Satan. Demons and devils and satans, the one’s who deny Love. That doesn’t make them not it. Just believing lies that they are unloved or unlovable and are upset about it. Religion, right and wrong, made the devil. Before religion, the devil didn’t exist.

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  2. blindzanygirl

    Sorry, that posted before I had finushed. Everyone can have their own opinion. I just express myself through my poetry. My vuews and feelings do not have to be anyone else’s. I value your input. Thankyou


  3. Right, and this forum is much of that. Us writing, figuring ourselves out. Sometimes conversations happen. Sometimes a comment is another ‘post.’ I’m happy to discuss love, life and god with you anytime, in a dialogue. I’m not right. I don’t know anything, at least that’s what I aspire to! Lol. Much better then to actually feel you.

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  4. blindzanygirl

    Let’s say I try to but I cannot be the arbiter of others who don’t. And yes, I know there are many. I just live my own lufe in the best way that I can. Others live theirs however they do. Each person is a free agent. Anyone can come into my site whether they are Christian or not, and whether they have any faith or none. No one is being forced to believe anything.

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  5. blindzanygirl

    What sort of an answer do you wanr? I write poetry. I state in my About Me bit where I am foming from. Anyone is welcome here, as I have stated. But my faith is my faith. I express it how I want to. As you may express your feelings and beliefs. You don’t have to belueve what U believe. If I WERE to do or say anything unchristian or immoral I would ask for forgiveness and try to see why I did or saud such a thing. But that is between me and my own conscience. I seek not to hurt people. If others have acted in an ynchristian way, that is their issue and not mine. I can only worry about my own soul

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  6. blindzanygirl

    That is ok. I was not sure what you were asking. I don’t mind answering questions at all. I just was not exactly sure what you wanted to know. It is really quite simple for me. Forgive others. Ask for forgiveness if I have hurt anybody. I would never do anything immoral, though I may get angry or somethng like that, or over proud. I am not sure that I believe in all of the theology that some people put around Christianity. And I believe that there are many commonalities between Chrustianity and for unstance Buddhism, and many other religions. Just different names and terminology. I had cancer. Serious cancer. I almost died. My wonderful lady doctor who is Muslim asked uf she could pray for me. It did not trouble me at all. It was kind of her. I have no barriers regarding other faiths, and I do not trouble if someone is atheist or agnostic or pagan. We are just all human beings trying to get through this life the best way we can. I am very suck, and blind and in a wheelchair, plus I have no feeling in my hands and feet due to the chemo, and my faith helps me, though I have questioned it a lot. That is all I can say really. Smile.

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