Incense swinging
Gay bells ringing
What is this life
If not filled with strife
Holding up the Heavenly Host
What do you really like the most
Go to Confession
Tell your obsession
Toe the line
Then you’ll be fine
Sit at the back, sit at the front
But whatever you do don’t come in drunk
Come in with bare feet
Not looking neat
Fall asleep on the front pew
In everyone’s view
Hiding your face
Not nice to embrace
What brought you here?
Was it your fear?
You took that day
As you watched us pray
That Heavenly Host
And the Holy Ghost
Did it do you much good
On your cross of wood
Did that Heavenly Food
Leave you still screwed
Yes, you left that night
To take up your fight
On the streets paved with gold
Outside the fold
You slept in the gutter
Not a word did you utter
But you’d had your meal
Now how does it feel?
Are you still alive
Did you manage to thrive
Will I see you again
As I write with my pen?


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