12 thoughts on “THE VEIL TEARS

  1. blindzanygirl

    Oh, thankyou so much krishna. I hope it is alright to call you that. Isn’t it amazing how certain typres of words and experiences teanscend the barriers of geography, and possibly different faiths! It is absolutely wonderful. Your words have thrilled my heart

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  2. blindzanygirl

    Oh Sameera. I am so touched myself now. And I don’t even have my shocking pink socks on. Story coming soon. Watch this space! Much love to you Sameera x

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  3. Yes, of course!! When i reading your words i felt it came from a place deep within me – i could feel my tears in yours. Regardless of geography and faith practices we follow – ultimately it is all about love – vast, eternal and yet fitting into our hearts as a smile of pure joy, isn’t it? I feel so blessed to share my heart with you! Thank YOU! 🙂

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  4. blindzanygirl

    It is indeed wonderful krishna. I was very moved when reading your Blog, by the piece that you wrote ablut the old practice of chanting together, and thenincense rising. I LOVE incense. We have incense in my religion, and it is beatiful. I live the Mystery, and the awe and wonder of it. Like you are in touch h with Something very deep eyond, yet still with us. Transcending, yet here too. And I believe that whatever religious path we follow, we come into touch with this same Being. For want of a better word. As I read your words, I felt myself sitting there, chanting with you, and so I looked up some chants on you tube, and imagined myself sitting there, being part of it. Oh, how I would LOVE that.

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  5. Yes – i could not agree more with you. i feel so blessed that you found me 🙂 when i read so many of your words, i feel them in my heart. The tears, the dancing, the hope — i am not able to convey in words. But i know you understand, we are connected through spirit. Thank YOU for being here, I appreciate YOU so much and deeply.


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