“This is my Body”
“Take, eat”
Your Body meets mine
The two mingle
Both broken
Both wounded
Both scarred
Once my body was broken
Oh wait, no,
More than once
A million times
Or so it seems
Our Bodies come together
In an ecstasy of love
For the wounds that each one bore
You once died on a Cross of wood
I died on a cold hard floor
Both of us
Were brought back to life
But oh, the memories
And still the murderers live
Still they crucify me
Sadists, all
Daily, I am crucified with You
Daily, I bear Your crucifixion in my body
Do bodies matter?
Yes, they do
My woman’s body matters
And, like You,
I hang, naked
On my Cross
My woman’s body
Yes, I will take
And eat You
Just like I am eaten every day


When this life is over as sure it soon will be
Where then will the birdsong go that joined in tune for me?
Is there then another life awaiting in the wings?
Or will the dust that’s on the ground become the thing that stings?

Can we imagine our lives gone and nothing to remain
Except the call of the mourning dove in grief for a life that wanes?
We make up talk of heaven above a place where we will go
But do we know it’s really there, that what we’re taught is so?

How many lies have we believed in our time on this earth?
Deceptions cruel that cut our hearts in pieces of no worth
How many masks have people worn when talking love to us?
How many words that were of nought creating such a buzz?

Some tell us that we will be safe no fear must then remain
Reaching out and speaking words that are their own refrain
Illusions live within these words to wrap around our soul
One day my friend your pain will go and then you will be whole

So take this Bread I offer you believe in what I say
It will go in be part of you until another day
But soon that Bread becomes as nought, broken like your life
And words remembered come to you and cut you like a knife

And so the dust will be your home the soil will be your clay
Hardened like your heart within no words now can you pray
Just leave me now to die my death alone in this bad world
Illusions gone and lies all dead deceptions all unfurled


You move
Towards me
In gentleness
In love
But I
Draw back
Though it is not what I want
Yet I must say Goodbye
Is the name of the game
But this is not a game
This is deadly serious
Nothing must be risked
Life hangs on the edge of a cliff
Precariously balanced
Two ways
One leads to death
The other to life
Too many wounds
I cannot risk
And so death comes


My heart aches tonight
For the balm of your love
For the safety of your knowing
And mine
But can two souls ever
Truly know
Touch each other
In the distance
I see a hand
Reach out
But find I cannot reach
It is too far
And too late
Far too late
The moment has gone
And you are lost to me
I know
That all must end
That fear took its toll
I took the safer way
And now I am lost


In evening’s breeze You come to me
Caressing my face with tenderness
Cooling the passions that none can see

From all earth’s pain I would be free
And all of my soul’s heaviness
In evening’s breeze You come to me

I sit beside the willow tree
For You to fill my emptiness
Cooling the passions that none can see

I wondered if truly I could be
Given light in my distress
In evening’s breeze You came to me

My soul was healed, together we
Entwined our hearts forever blessed
In evening’s breeze You came to me
Cooling the passions that none can see


Open the door to celestial light,
That heaviness of heart cannot destroy,
Dwell in that which dispels the darkness of the night.

Find the place where heaven’s beams shine so bright,
Where earth’s dark arrows can’t destroy
Open the door to celestial light.

The door may be heavy, you must fight,
Every single method now employ,
Dwell in that which destroys the darkness of the night.

Let the powers of darkness take their flight,
Know that you can have eternal joy,
Open the door to celestial light.

Don’t let your dark night cloud your sight,
Or be seduced by evil’s clever ploy,
Dwell in that which destroys the darkness of the night.

Heaven’s glory seeks to lift you from your plight,
Let not dark powers with your spirit toy,
Open the door to celestial light,
Dwell in that which destroys the darkness of the night.