I would like to say a heartfelt thankyou to those of you who have nominated m for various awards. You are all very kind, nnd you have said some wonderful things about me. I am so grateful.

But I need to say that, being newly blind, and still struggling with how to do things on my IPad, I find it impossible to do what is requested of me. Sadly, I have had to not go in for any awards. Not sadly for me, but sadly for you all who think so much of me. I am really sorry.

There are only certaiin things that I can do on WordPress, and they are just the very basic things. Even typing is hard for me.

So, a big big thankyou to you all. And for all your lovely words about me. Hugs to all.

6 thoughts on “THANKYOU

  1. I can imagine that it must be difficult being newly blind, but I give you so much credit because you are still trying to do what you enjoy! I have so much respect for you and truly admire your strength and courage!

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  2. blindzanygirl

    Oh Alyssa thankyyou so much. What kind words. It is difficult but I could give up writing. Sometimes I use Apps for blind people, but they are hard to use. Other times I try to type normally. Either way I end up in some messes lol. Your words hearten me. Thankyou

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  3. You are so incredibly inspiring! I will be honest, I did not know there was an app for blind people. I am so glad there is, I guess there is an app for everything:)!! I did not know if there was a way to use braille. I do not know much about braille let alone how to read with it. Please be proud of what you are continuing to do! I find what you are doing absolutely amazing!!!!

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  4. i just got nominated for a blogging award and the first person i thought of was YOU! Then i got this message — and i thought how is it that she read my mind! I feel so blessed to know you and read your words. I deeply appreciate all the efforts you are taking to share your light with all of us. Thank you for the blessing of your presence in our lives. God Bless You!

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  5. blindzanygirl

    Oh krishna. You are SO sweet. Thankyou SO much. People have said SUCH nice things to me, and about my blog. I hate to break the chain and disappoint people when the yhave sonkindly nominated me. But I just can’t do it lol.

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