Verses of Soltitude

I’m the music

That ceases to sound after a while.

Broken threads or dead corals in the beach

Which aren’t arranged in a line.

I’m the sea you can dive deeper and deeper

And still not find the pearls.

Or you can wait for a winter morning

As the fog of the night clears.

I can be foretold rains

In a village cursed with drought.

I can be some dull memories or thoughts

You simply left unthought.

I love the darkness

For it suits my pursuit

Like pristine clear waters or clouded sky

So disciplinedly unscheduled.

As a stranger of the same land

Or veiled beauty of a desert women-so shy

Born of some deepest carvings or passions or secrets

Like undiscovered islands. Let them not die.
– King of Monks

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