Sometimes we are in conflict. We have two sides to us. Maybe even more than two. Which one, or ones, do we put on display? All are equally “us.” All are equally true. Sometimes we want to write from one of those perspectives, thus making the others seem unreal. We are all such a mixture of things. Sometimes our lives are made up of a mixture of so many things. Sometimes we can see stars from the mud. Sometimes we can only see the mud of our lives. No life is perfect. Sometimes we can see the Divine, sometimes we cannot, and sometimes we cry out in agony. All of these things are valid. All of them are ”us.”

No one can stereotype anyone else. And that is the beauty of writing. We can be what we want and need to be from one day to the next. Our lives are so mixed. I will not deny the pain, indeed the agony, of mine. But nor will I deny the “god” bits in it. Though sometimes I cannot see God. He or She or whatever, becomes blotted out by the pain.

So, if I scream in agony in my,poems, then it is still the same person who can also write glowingly about the Divine. I think this might be true for all of us.


3 thoughts on “THOUGHTS?

  1. blindzanygirl

    Thankyou Shantanu and thankyou for taking the time to respond. Yes. You say it well. Sometimes we get put into a “box” as poets and writers, and the temptation is there to always remain the same when our hearts cry out to write something off the wall, and we, or I, thinkvtwice about doing it. But I don’t want to be confined. I have to be who I am. And that may differ eeach day. I feel able to hold different perspectives within me,vwhuch ALL need expression

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