Poetry is poetry. Just that. I like to experiment with different forms of poetry. I like to write all kinds of poetry – light, dark, humorous,in between. Many of my poems do come from my experiences of life. Either my own experiences, or what I have observed. I have cancer. I am blind. I am in physical pain. Sometimes I write candidly about that. I still experience great joy in my life that is ebbing away. I write about that. I write about living. I write about dying. I write about death. I nearly died a while ago – I saw into eternity. I write about that. I write about being in a different reality to everyone else. It is my world. I write about my world. I write about the Divine – because I have experienced it – we all have the Divine within us, wgatever name we call it by. I might write about the Cross one day – because that is part of my own faith. The Dark Night of the Soul, which is painful, but which purifies us if we allow it to. I write as I AM. This is ME. Sometimes I am sad. Sometimes I am happy. Sometimes I am ecstatic. Sometimes I am hurt. This world is slipping away for me. I write as I want to. I am so grateful that so many people read my writing, and that they find inspiration from it. I am so moved by all your wonderful Comments, and your love. Please keep coming. Much love,


13 thoughts on “POETRY IS POETRY

  1. Thank you for your beautiful poetry and for this lovely heart-touching writing. I am grateful to read anything you write because i know it is from your heart – to mine. Thank You for sharing! God Bless You! xoxo

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  2. blindzanygirl

    And I am grateful to have found you too Joan. We have a journey to do together! Maybe I am on mire than one journey, but that is apOK. Love you friend


  3. blindzanygirl

    Bless you for saying that Shantanu. You have lufted me with those wkrds. I was feeling a but in the doldrums and as if I had to write what people like. I had a confluct goung on. I can only write what I can at any given time. Today my mind is on death. Annuversary time

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  4. blindzanygirl

    Love you too Joan. Will email you soon, maybe later today. It is the Anniversary of my father’s death today, so I am kind of taken up with that in my mind. Hence my rather dark poem. Xo first thing this morning.


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