I saw her last week, my friend,
Every time she stuns me,
They have called her mad you know.

She sees with eyes that others do not have,
Her insight knows no bounds,
Her intellect so keen,
She always has an answer for the wise guys.

I saw her today, my friend,
Still, she stuns me,
Still she sees with eyes that others do not have,
Still her insight knows no bounds,
Still her intellect is keen
And still she has an answer for the wise guys.

But today, she dies,
Today she is mad with pure clarity,
Such that her mind cannot bear.

I raise my glass to my friend,
The one I thought I knew,
And toast her brilliance
So bright as to scorch
And sear her very soul.

I am the one who is mad,
She the pure prophet.

She’s gone now, my friend,
You know, the one who is mad,
They took her away one night,
Fingers flicking light switch,
On, Off, On, Off,
Signalling in code,
“Help me, Help me, Help me”.

No one heard, because of course,
She’s mad.
No one heard the sacred
Screaming out from the deep,
Because of course she sees,
With eyes that are her own,
The truth that others cannot bear,
And neither maybe, can she.

She’ll be back soon,
Will she still see, with eyes that are her own,
The truth that others cannot see,
That drove her to her fate?

Beside me now,
That once she gave to me,
That tells me of her soul.
I finger it in awe,
Tears fall slowly,
I caress the truth,
Her clarity,
And cannot bear the pain
Of my love,
Or hers.


I said “Goodbye” to my friend,
I was moving on,
We hugged and kissed,
Her eyes were bright,
Her love intact,
She was quite “normal” now,
But behind the “normality”
I saw Hope shining,
The Hope that looked like madness.

17 thoughts on “THEY SAY SHE’S MAD YOU KNOW

  1. blindzanygirl

    Thankyou so much. I am so touched that you could find the meaning in it that you have. Thankyou so much for taking the time to read abd comment. Mych appreciated

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  2. blindzanygirl

    Thanks krishna. Thankyou so much. And thankyou SO. M for your book. I just found your email. Beautiful. Will try to email you mine, but if you would bbee happy to give m

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  3. blindzanygirl

    Hi krushna. Mi am having trouble with mu iPad and enails. I think I lost some of my words p to you. I will ask hubby to try and sort me oyt later. Miwekcome to havthree books if you are happy let me have an addresssaying that youvwould be most

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