I would like to welcome you into my world. It is a world of the most brilliant light, and deep joy. But in order to enter my world you will have to go through a door. It is a door that you may not want to go through. But it is the only door that there is, if you wish to come into my world and enjoy the light and the joy.

There is, moreover, one condition that must be fulfilled before you can enter through the door. You must cast everything off that you ever knew. Every attachment. Every desire. Every preconceived notion. You must travel light. And as you enter through the door you must open yourself and be completely committed to seeing new things – things that may be unfamiliar, and maybe even, sometimes, uncomfortable. But I can guarantee that if you are prepared to take on this undertaking, and go through that door into my world, you will be changed for ever. And you will never then be able to UNknow what you now know.

We go through many different doors in our lives. Some lead to good things, some to bad, some to a mixture of both. Sometimes we get to choose the doors we go through – sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we take a risk when we choose to go through any particular door, and once behind it, we have to do our best with whatever we find. Some doors are heavy to push on, some are easy. Some just open on their own. But whatever, it is what we do with what is behind them that matters. It can indeed be a magical mystery tour. There can be stones and rocks and hard places behind them, but there can also be the most precious gems. Gems that sparkle and glitter. Gems of the most beautiful colours, the depths of which we have never seen before.

My world is a world of wonder. A world of the most exquisite beauty. A world of singing, and music, and dancing. A world of light and life. But as you come behind the door, as you accept the invitation into my world, you will come to discover that these things are hard won. They are won at a price. But the cost makes them even more beautiful. More exquisite. Mostly, they are simple things – things that even a child could appreciate. And maybe, in order to find and appreciate them yourselves, you will have to become as little children, and open yourselves to wonder, and the simplicity that is what true life is all about.

In order for you to be able to come through the door, I am going to have to tell you my life story. Part of it may be difficult to hear. But remember – I told you there was a cost. The reward is, however, way beyond what you could ever imagine, if you will travel light, with an ever open mind. The door awaits you, inviting you to open it and go behind it. Once through the main door, you may find many more doors, and it will be your choice as to whether you go through them or not, to see what is behind them. Everything is always your choice. The invitation begins here.

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