I stood on the rise today
Knowing that Someone stood with me
For He had been waiting so long
For me to return
Knowing that at the appointed time I would come
And on that day I was drawn
And in one moment we met
I could not stop
For in another moment in time
Many years ago
I had been given to Him
The first fruits
And in the giving He claimed me for His own
In this place I was named
By name He called me
Down the years
The corridors of time
But time for me is running out
And soon I will be drawn once again
This time by horses
To my final resting place
And on that day too
He will be waiting for me
On the rise
For He sees me coming from afar off
Knowing my time is almost nigh
Arms stretched out to greet me
Speaking my name
And I who can no longer walk
Will run to Him
I who can no longer see
Will behold His face
And in that last embrace I will know
I am “Home at last.”

4 thoughts on “I STOOD ON THE RISE

  1. blindzanygirl

    Thankyou so much krushna. I have been going on a “pilgrimage” to my home village, though my family is long gone now, and to the church where I was christened.

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  2. blindzanygirl

    Wow! Thankyou krishna. I could write MUCH about the village where I was born, and my pilgrimage to the church where I was christened. I must try to get your hooks posted next week, then you will be able to see a photo of the church where I was christened. It is badly attended now, whereas in the past it was the centre of village,life. Now it is dying. Very few Servuces, and only about eight people attending. It is a big church as well, and very beautiful inside. I wish I knew how to post photograohs on WordPress. I will write it for you dear krishna xo


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