A couple of years ago I was to possibly have surgery that MIGHT have got my eyesight back. However, in the end they could not perform the surgery. I wrote the following piem about that time. Now, two years on, I am blinder than I was then. Still feeling the darkness, but knowing that I luve in the light.

Winding roads in the dreary grey of dusk
Neither day nor night, a time of limbo
My life discarded like an empty husk
Time now doesn’t even have a window
Tortuous the journey, never ending
In the greyness of my life, no clear line
But soon, growing dark will be descending
This night for a clearer light I will pine
How will I ever reach my journey’s end
Fumbling in the fog that plagues my eyes?
Is there a message clear that I can send?
Truthful words, honest and without disguise
I fear the dark, please help me on my way
Till journey’s end, and then a better day

7 thoughts on “JOURNEY’S END

  1. blindzanygirl

    Isn’t it odd Alyssa. I just started blogging not even expecting anyone to read my stuff. It did nothing for ages, then real sudden, it took off one Sunday. And that was it. And I duscovered that WordPress is far more than just a platform for our poetry and other writings!

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