I know today
That I know nothing
And as I shrink,
You grow
Once I could see
Now I am blind
The path ahead was clear
Now I see nothing
If I look forwards
I learn nothing
Except that I am blind
And so I have no choice
Except to look inwards
For in looking inwards
I do not need my eyes
And yet
Without eyes
I see far more looking inwards
Than ever I could with my eyes
And as I travel inwards
I see
That I know nothing
Except that by grace
I will be saved
And what is better
To see the path ahead
And feel sure
Or to travel inwards
And know that I know nothing
At all
And thereby
To find my true self?

10 thoughts on “KNOWING NOTHING

  1. These are such beautiful words. I heard a story about a sage in India. He is from a poor village and had an eye problem when he was a little boy and they did some treatment which made him go blind. It was totally unfortunate. But he studied sanskrit and music and wrote and did amazing things. He got a National Medal of Honour and the Prime Minister said to him – “The Government can send you abroad to get an operation done, to get your eyesight back. Should we do it?”

    He spontaneously composed a poem – the gist of which was – what use is the eyesight that i could possibly. What i seek is divine eyesight, to see my Lord and be with Him for eternity.

    Your poem reminded me of that story. Thank you for ALL the inspiration, beauty and love you share with all of us. My prayers for Divine Blessings to ever embrace you in love and light. 🙂

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  2. blindzanygirl

    Thankyou krishna. That is a beautiful story. When I first went blind (it was a process, it did not happen overnight) my priest said to me that even if they are offered their yesight back, some people would not take it because they see far more blind than they would as sighted people. He told me that I was that way too. I do not have a chouce, but in the beginning, yes, I did see it that way. But there is a natural grief that comes to you when you go blind. Sometimes it is hard to see the goid side of it. I do sometimes write my grief out, for it is indeed a grieving process, and for me, I have lost much much more than eyesight. I have no feeling in my hands and feet. I cannot walk either. I cannot feel things or see them to pick them up. And mych mire besides. Some days I grieve. But when I write my pain, people think that the other side is not me also. It is as if I have to be one thing all of the time, and that is a pressure. But yes, generally, I belueve I can see far more as a blind person than I could as a sighted one. Sometimes I say truthfulky that my cancer and my blindness were a gift from God. But sometimes I get frightened. Frightened of the future. My hysband may die. Cwhat would happen to me then. It is a lot to think about. Hugs


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