“This is my Body”
“Take, eat”
Your Body meets mine
The two mingle
Both broken
Both wounded
Both scarred
Once my body was broken
Oh wait, no,
More than once
A million times
Or so it seems
Our Bodies come together
In an ecstasy of love
For the wounds that each one bore
You once died on a Cross of wood
I died on a cold hard floor
Both of us
Were brought back to life
But oh, the memories
And still the murderers live
Still they crucify me
Sadists, all
Daily, I am crucified with You
Daily, I bear Your crucifixion in my body
Do bodies matter?
Yes, they do
My woman’s body matters
And, like You,
I hang, naked
On my Cross
My woman’s body
Yes, I will take
And eat You
Just like I am eaten every day

13 thoughts on “TAKE, EAT ME

  1. blindzanygirl

    Oh Allie. I HOPED you would read this one. I KNEW you would understand it. Thankyou. Yes, amen and amen.


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