By the wall where the robin sat the leaves fell
A cushion on the ground made my heart swell
The red of his breast matched the berries I saw
Plump with the life that I knew before

I too had fallen this tale I tell
One that so many know so well
On the ground lies new life, an open door
By the wall where the robin sat

Inside we may feel we have gone to hell
Agonies black in our hearts do dwell
But beckoning us is a golden shore
And the robin sings now of its wondrous store
Knowing that blessings await us galore
By the wall where the robin sat

11 thoughts on “BY THE WALL

  1. blindzanygirl

    I am home now. I have had fun. We did not find any ribins but there was a thunderstorm, aand sheets of rain pohring down, and our car got covered in water by another one going past us. We were in a flood. Our car got something wrong with it after that and was making a horrible nouse and we had to drive 14 miles home like that. I was scared lol. But we are home now. Think it is the brakes. And I only went to find robins lol

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  2. blindzanygirl

    Oh nooooo. At least ours was not an aeroplane lol. I hope you get on the plane within the three hours. Our car – we don’t know what is wrong, but we will have it looked at tomorrow. I just wrote pietry lol. Not about robins though. Ha!


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