When summer ends and dark nights come
Its colours fade and all is done
Leaves fall off trees lie on the ground
Dying there without a sound

I too lie here there’s no more sun
I fade as light no more is shone
To earth’s dark secrets I am bound
When summer ends

But in this dark my soul does run
With thoughts of grace my brain to stun
For growth begins in dark night’s wound
The seed brings Life as Day comes round
Earth’s womb gives birth as Joy is sprung
As summer ends

16 thoughts on “WHEN SUMMER ENDS

  1. Your brilliant work never seizes to amaze me! Your writing abilities are definitely something to be admired and cherished! At this point I do not know when or if summer is EVER going to end. The temperatures seem to be holding steady in the 90’s!

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  2. blindzanygirl

    Oh my! That is awful. We had it at nearly 90 and that was bad enough for me. Everything died! No rain. Thankyou so much for your lovely wirds again. So heartening Alyssa

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