There once was a flea called Jim
Who jumped around singing a hymn
“Let’s fight the good fight
With all of our might
And bite the whole world on the shin”

14 thoughts on “A FLEA CALLED JIM

  1. blindzanygirl

    Thanks lol. Our vendors of our house lied on a legal document. There had been a County Court case on this hoyse that went on for six years and we were not told about it. It was between our vendors and our next doir neighbour. Our neighbour won but the vendors did not out into place the court instructions and our neighbours set about US! So we had to sye our vendors. We were awarded anlot of money in court, but we did not receive it because the vendors were crooks. Finally our solicitor got the money the other week but we haven’t got any of it yet because lots of people were sueing them for money. They were frauds. We won’t get much now. But we still have to implement what the County Court stated all those years ago. It was to do with the boundary. All over a few inches, and we are having to pay. It’s mad, I tell you, it’s mad. My husband had to go to court thirty miles away on the day I was meant to start my chemo but the jydge refused to akter the date of the hearing. Cso I had to pistpone my chemo for advanced cancer. This all started in 2009 lol

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  2. blindzanygirl

    Well I’m still here so that tbese bloidy rhymes can drive me mad. Did Someone gave a Plan? For all my sins lol


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