At the place where the rivers meet
I dream
Vast open space where fresh winds blow
Within this space I walked
In times gone by
When love was young and bodies strong
And now I cannot walk nor even see
And dreams are all I have and memories too
How long it seems since when I walked with you
Looking back is all I have
And past years stretch
As long as the river and out to the sea
Is it really that long?
The future now holds only pain for me
I grieve the passing of the years
And fear takes hold
As the unknown beckons me
And kindness seems to be the rarest thing
I walk alone now
Above the great rivers
No one to hold my hand and guide me through
No one to offer comfort in this world
Today the vastness draws me in
Today I walk alone

6 thoughts on “I WALK ALONE

  1. We are all connected in spirit beyond the physical world. I believe you know this already but maybe a reminder won’t hurt, if I don’t sound preachy. Reaching out an invisible hand……

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  2. blindzanygirl

    Thankyou. That is very kind of you. Yes, I agree with you. In a sense though, aloneness is O.K. In the end, we have to kearn to be alone. Well, that is my view. Thankyou for the hand. I accept happily.


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