Scarred this day by wounds that bleed
Bodies writhe
Speech becomes paralysis
No one can tell such agonies
Platitudes do not even act as plasters
No bandage can stem the blood flow
Pillows soaked with the unredeemed
Becoming redeemed by suffering
And the bearing thereof
Alone such bearers dwell in darkness
Wondering when it will all end
Crying out to the God of Job
And Jesus too
“Where is my Father?”
In pure abandonment
The stakes are high
But who cares about stakes
When flesh falls from bones
And sinews ache
And bodies stiffen unto death?
In pure abandonment
The cry rises to Heaven
The answer is Silence

15 thoughts on “THE CRY

  1. blindzanygirl

    Thankyou so very much Alyssa. I wrote this yesterday, towards the end of the day, having been in excruciating physical pain all day. Lol It always turns to the pen in the end! I was quite fed up! And this just came out! This morning, at 5 a,m, so far songoid – not quite so much pain. I might even get out a bit todat! Hoping! Thank YOU so much for your lively comments Alyssa. They help me so much. Hope you have had a good weekend

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  2. You are very welcome! I really find your poems to be quite amazing and your emotions show in them! They are so powerful!!! I am so sorry you were in so much pain. Pain is never easy to deal with and can be SO frustrating!

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  3. blindzanygirl

    Thankyou so much Alyssa. What beautiful words. Yes, I knew you would understand about phtsical pain. It is very hard to deal with when it is relentless and when you know that there is no cure for it. But we get through din’t we. We have no chouce. But I will not put on a false smile or cheerfulness for ANYBODY. I feek pressurusedbto do that quite often, but mostly from people who do not know what paun is like. Thankyou for understanding Altssa, i hope you are still feeling goid after your MRI result. X

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  4. You are more than welcome! I really should be the one thanking you for sharing your beautiful poems! Physical pain is SO difficult to deal with, especially when it seems like nothing helps! You are right, we do not have a choice and need to keep moving forward! I am feeling okay, but for some reason can’t get a handle on my stress issues! I hope you are feeling better. Please remember to not put too much pressure on yourself!!!

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  5. blindzanygirl

    Oh lol Though I am not in America I can totally understand about Trump. He is not liked here either but he has messed you all up something terrible. You take care too. Speak tomorrow. Just about to go to sleep. Night night x

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  6. I am so happy for you that you do not have to deal with life in America! Yes, Trump has messed everything up for so many! I blame not only him but his cult followers are even worse!! My mother is part of the cult following! I am so sorry, I forget where do you live?


  7. I do not remember if it is a Prime Minister or what they are called did not want to meet with Trump!! I love it! Yes, the deep south isn’t all it should be, but nothing in the states is anymore! I know you are trying to go to sleep, so I won’t keep you! Y’all do have free healthcare, right! I promise that is my last question!!


  8. blindzanygirl

    Lol well we do pay for it as it is taken straight out of our wages or salary a large amount but then we get health care when we need it and some hardly ever do while others like me need a lot but we all pay the same it I think it is easier to get treatment here but the treatment can be terrible and people die. Yes it is a Prime Minister that we have lol


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