Luminous, glows
With the pure light of God
At the top of the mountain, “see”,
The cloud
His face,
Too bright to see with naked eye,
But with our senses gone,
Our heart alone
Sees God

13 thoughts on “LUMINOUS DARKNESS

  1. Believe it or not this reminds me of a quote from Winnie the Pig.
    Winnie asks Piglet, “How do you spell love?”
    Piglet replies, “You don’t spell love, you feel it.”

    Same thing with God. You don’t see him, you feel him.


  2. blindzanygirl

    Bless you Drew. Tthamkyoy. And I dud see your comment on your own poem about not many ppl actually critiquing the poem but giving you pep talks. I have avoided the pep talk bit because it happens to me too. Lol. But I am not very good at critiquing these days. I used to but my brain won’t do it now. But I just wanted to know that Inknow exactly what you mean. Anyway that from Winnie the what’s it is so good and also your own thoughts on it. Thankyou Drew


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