My heart like lead
Grieves for what I have lost
Never will I walk alone but
Be held
And leashed
Before me stretches a vastness
That I can only feel
As the wind blows

I long
To wander through
Green fields, on ancient paths
Without my leash, set free again
I fall
As I try in vain to step out
And now I know the score
I am a kept

9 thoughts on “KEPT WOMAN

  1. I’m so sorry you lost your sight, but, i’m sure, you’ll, slowly come to rely on your other senses, because i’d been told, that people who’d lost their vision become more reliant on their senses and after they adapted to their blindness, they will become more in touch with their surrounding environment, it just takes time for those who’d lost their sight to adapt, just give yourself time to slowly adapt, and eventually, i’m sure, that you will find that your other senses are, sharpened too.

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  2. blindzanygirl

    Thankyou. I have no sense of touch, which blind people rely on, and my hearing is affected too. It all haplened as a result of my chemotherapy drugs when I had cancer recently. I cannot walk either, and am wheelchair bound. But yes, I am kind of adapting. My total reliance upon others is not very comfortable for me, because this opens the way for control. My husband looks after me, but he always was a control freak, and he will not allow me any independence at all. He has taken total control of my life. But my mind and brain are still sharp. I was an academic before this, with a very lively brain. Writing poetry is all that I have left in life. I am in bed most of the day, unfed, un looked after, and unable to do it for myself. Thus I have very dark periods, when I write darker poetry.


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