O.K. So on Monday I had an “accident.” Still suffering from it. I was trying to get into my Church for Mass, and the outer doors into the corridor that leads into the Church are not disabled friendly. In fact they are illegal. They do not comply with either the Building Regulations or the Law.

So, there I was, in my power chair, blind, but wanting to get into Church for Mass. I need to be there. It is contact with people, for me, which I have very little of.

So, I approach the doors, which are huge heavy double doors, and as I get to them I stop, think for a minute how to open them. I know that the only way to do it is to guide my power chair in with my left hand on the jotstick whuch is on the right hand side of my power chair, and pull the right hand doir open with my right hand. The left hand door actually is fixed and does not open. Sooooo, I get this big heavy door part open but my arm will not stretch far enough to get it fully open. Never mind – I angle my power chair a little bit diagonally and then guide it through with my left hand, which is stretched across my body. Get the picture? No, I know, it’s hard.

At a certain point I have to let go of this right hand door to allow myself to move forwards. This I do, but SUDDENLY I find myself spinning at breakneck speed round to the left. I do an almost 180 degree turn, crashing into a metal sign board as I do. I am not sure where I end up, but I let out a HUGE yell as I hit the sign board. My body is always in pain anyway, so this is NOT good news. I am stunned for a few minutes, and do not quite know how I am going to get out of this mess. But my yell is enough to wake the dead, so someone eventually arrives from inside the Church, asking if I am okay. NO I AM NOT!

Well, I spend the rest of the day in shock. We report the accident to the priest, who says he will write it in the accident book!

Then, I am left. Just to get on with it.

I have had a week of bad pain, plus nervous shock. So if my poetry seems a bit black or “down” that is why. I am pissed off, fed up, and feeling angry and sorry for myself. No one from the Church, least of all the priest, has been by.

Sorry for the rant!

20 thoughts on “ACCIDENT

  1. Hello Lorraine something has to be done to fix those doors. The laws are being ignored and the rules are being ignored. Maybe contacting the local paper or TV Channel along with all what you have suffered due to this tragic effort to just go to church and pray and hear Gods Word and take the Sacrament which is the most important reason for going Sunday mornings. Rake them over the coals for a few days. I pray God will be with you as well

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  2. blindzanygirl

    Thankyou so very mych. I really needed to hear some kind words today. I have been keeping it in all week. I don’t know where you are, but I am in England and I think the USA is mire advanced than we are in these matters here. Don’t know about other countries. My husband is going to take it to Law. We have been fighting iver these doirs subce 2011 when the building was extended. We kept saying how dangerous they were. I feel like leaving but there is no other place to go as we are a fairly small town. Yup. Rant over!

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  3. I live in Canada. I do not know the laws here for that stuff. I do know the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Sad but true Lorriane. Pray an ask for what can you do to start to detect change with doors like this that stop handicapped people from attending Sunday Mass. We are talking about those in wheel chairs who need wider doorways and elevators etc. Hear the replies that are sent to you quietly

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  4. blindzanygirl

    Thankyou, itvwas undeed a lovely chat. And thankyou very much for your prayers and understanding. I am really grateful. X


  5. Yes, you should write about this on here and find community on line Bulletin Boards to show case your trouble with those doors. Let others know because I am sure you will find even more support at home and abroad.

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  6. Sorry that you had to deal with the circumstances and you have every right to be upset and angry… in today’s world there is no excuse for not taking in to account the welfare of all people.. I suspect that there has been others who found themselves having to deal with those doors in some manner also but haven’t said anything.. perhaps if those in charge receive enough complaints things will change….
    Hope you are feeling much better and wishing you a wonderful day and weekend filled with love and happiness!!… 🙂


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