From time to time we all find ourselves in a dark place. In those times, I believe we need to acknowledge that darkness, and embrace it. So often we feel we have to put on a false smile, or see our glasses as half full etc. But sometimes we just need to allow the darkness to live within us, for dark is not always bad. Sometimes, darkness can comfort you. It is where we become the “real me.” I am in darkness physically, in a sense, through being blind. Also, my life is gradually ebbing away, and I am encountering a lot of bad physical pain. I have also encountered much rejection at a time when I need comfort and peace. But in this dark time I have learned so much. So here is my poem, which I may have posted before.


Dark place,
I sink into
Your arms, hold me, heal me,
Let me close my eyes, to my pain,
The past
Within the dark may a new day
Be born, with no more pain,
No more sorrow,
Hide me

5 thoughts on “DARK PLACE

  1. Sometimes, we had to, venture into the darkness, to find the light, but the darkness, and what lies within it, it scares us, keeping us, from venturing into it, and that, is why we become, stagnant in our lives…

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