Was harsh that year,
Ice covered all the ponds,
No birds could feed beneath the ice,
They died.
We thought that all was lost that year,
There wasn’t any hope………
A kingfisher

This bird
Survived despite
There being no fish to eat,
We wondered how it clung to life,
And sang.
And then
We saw it eating bread, it learnt
A new way of eating,
Hope lived again
That day

15 thoughts on “HOPE LIVED

  1. blindzanygirl

    Yes I used to be an avid birdwatcher. I learned a lot. I live burds. Now, my hysband watches, and describes them to me, and what they are doung. Fascinating

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  2. What is that ??? I see birds all day long out in my yard. Some are here all year round. others migrate through for either the summer or winter. They are really nice to listen to and watch fly and skip around

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