Soft rays fall gently as I remember
Days in Your Presence
When my heart was full
And birdsong filled the air
The warmth of summer’s breeze
Danced on my skin
Until the whole of my body danced too
Hearing the cries of Your love
In the calling of the birds
“Come my sweet one come,
Follow Me wither I go,
Across the sky
Onto the sea
Soaring above the mountains
Follow, follow,
Let Me hear your sweet voice sing
As we become One with the Universe
I love you, I love you,”
And I believed
And followed
Emptied myself of all but You
Together we danced the Dance of Love
Ate at a Banquet fit for Kings and Queens
Bathed in the gently flowing water
Drank from the water that gushed from the rock
But now the soft rays turn to darkness
The wind blows cold
No longer do I hear Your voice
Calling, calling,
I am alone,
No longer can my feet dance
No longer do we twist and twirl together
In the Dance of Life
For now I live in darkness
Unable even to tie my own belt
In a place where I did not want to go
And in this place
I cry out Your Name
“Come to me, Come to me”
But there is no answer
“Where are You? Where are You?” I cry
The wind blows the sound of my voice back at me
I look up
See a Cross in the sky
And in that moment
Know that You are with me

29 thoughts on “WHERE ARE YOU?

  1. blindzanygirl

    Oh Afzal! I accidentally copied and pasted a whole load when I only wanted to post one! I gave deleted them all now, except the first one lol. It’s what comes of being blind lol. Peace


  2. I am visually impaired as well my friend. not blind but 15% to 20% vision in both eyes. I cannot say I understand because not being able to see at all is a thing only those who experience it can ever understand.

    as for the pieces you copied and pasted – it was a good thing to do accidentally.

    Peace my dear friend always

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  3. blindzanygirl

    That is very interesting that you too are visually impaired Afzal. I know that fir myself I make LOADS of mistakes. Fortunately most people are very kind and understanding. Mine came through cancer. Have you always been visually impaired?


  4. I’m sorry to hear that my friend. Mine is the result of severe Keratoconus and I’ve been for multiple corneal transplants but none have helped – Keratoconus is genetically passed down and many cousins of mine have the same issue. but they are much younger so have managed to control the degeneration of the cornea with hard contact lenses. I’m 46 years old now and my Keratoconus manifested itself when I was 19 so it’s been a while. I am still very fortunate to write and read with text zoomed – I am truly sorry about your condition and I mean it deeply and truthfully and not just sympathy but genuine care for a good friend here in wordpress.

    stay well my friend and keep on sharing and writing your amazing pieces – they are really brilliant and I am honoured to call you a friend.

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  5. blindzanygirl

    Oh Afzal, how kind you are. Wow, you have gone through a lot! Sight loss is horrible. I am so glad that you are still able to read and write text. I have huge dufficulty with it now – i used to be able to zoom, but as my sight has gone I have been unable to do that. I am learning to use Apps but it is really hard. So much to take in. I have no feeling in my hands also, ir in my feet legs face and mouth, due to my chemo drugs. This is now permanent. So feeling for things is not an option now. I am totally dependent. But at the moment I yse an iPad, and I can just about manage by making the screen HUGE but it is still so blurred I can hardly see it. But I reverse the colours to white on black, for reading, and it helps a little bit. But when you have made the screen huge, you are scrolling all over all the time, so that you must don’t know where you are lol. Not much different to how I used to be though Ha! But this is why I make so many typing errors! I guess people are used to me now though! I am really sorry about your own situation though. All those teansplants! I don’t know if I could have done that. Thankyou SO much for your very kind and heartfelt words. They mean so much to me. It is so good to have you as a friend too. And I totally support your cause. We ALL need to be equal, and the history for black people has been abominable. I hope saying black is ok, but I have a black friend and he says he wants to be called black, not coloured or of colour. So that is what I say now. We have black people in our family. One used to be a slave. Salem Wilson he was called when he came here. Afzal, much much peace to you. And thankyou SO much.


  6. your experiences are beyond comprehension for me with your eyesight and the effects of the chemo – I know it sounds patronising but I mean it deeply from a good place in my heart when I say I admire you greatly for your work and for your ways of thinking and your principles and your amazing ability to keep going – I can’t imagine how difficult it must be as every day is a struggle but your warmth and generosity of spirit is beyond words.

    your words about slavery and your friend not wanting to be called of colour and especially not coloured offer an insight into how different people feel. in South Africa we use the term “black” but of course given our recent history of Apartheid it is a double edged sword. “African” is what all of us would wish to be called regardless of colour but I know that is a long way away.

    Thank YOU so much and talk more soon my dear friend and my warmest wishes from the southern tip of the African continent.

    Peace always
    Hope always
    Justice always
    Gender-rights always
    Equality always

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  7. blindzanygirl

    Wow. That is amazing. I used to preach too. A long time ago. In the Methodist church here in England. Don’t do it now though. Am no longer Methodist. Hey mate I will shake you by the hand. Smiles


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