6 thoughts on “HOME AT LAST

  1. blindzanygirl

    No, I wasn’t. Are you thinking of something in particular. The poem is about when I die, I want to be drawn by horses to the church in my home village, taken to the village cemetery where my beloved Uncle was buried five years ago when I was in the midst of my cancer ordeal, and have a headstone with the words “Home at last” written on. This, because i lived in that vilkage until I was two years old, but then my parents left that village and we wandered all over England. But my real home was always in that vilkage, where my grandparents were. And I always, always yearned to go back there but never could. In death, I CAN and WILL go back tbere, deawn by horses to the church where I was baptised, and thence to the graveyard. We went and sat there tiday, by my Uncle’s grave, and I wrote that poem. The reference to Home is also a reference to going Home to God, at last. Away from the sorrows and pains of this world, and my cancer and blindness. I do not know anything about Emily Dickinson. Could you enlighten me please?


  2. Horses, home, and eternity both play a big part in “Because I could not stop for death”. It’s a wonderful poem.

    Dickinson is an amazing poet. Her work has inspired some of my writing. You should try her out.

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  3. blindzanygirl

    Thomas I just read the poem. It is beautiful. I love the reference to Immortality. Ialso live how she describes going past the school, and other places, for Ibtoo have planned a route that I want to be deawn on, through my home vilkage. All places that mean so much to me. The poem reaches deep into my heart Thomas. Thankyou so much for directing me to it.

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