Is short
You call me
Back to the earth
Always we were dust
Soon I will lie scattered
In the lushness of Your love
There to rest for eternity
Oh sweetness bathe my aching soul
Washing away all sorrow and pain
Here in Your love I will rest for ever

3 thoughts on “HERE I WILL REST

  1. blindzanygirl

    Thankyou so much Lisa. I wrote quite a few on a similar theme whilst visiting my Uncle’s grave yesterday. The sunlight, whuch I can still see, though not much else, was quite beautiful, and ethereal, and it is only a very small vilkage cemetery in the gillage where I was born, but I want to be buried there next to my Uncle, if I can. He died whilst U had cancer, five years ago, so I could not go to his funeral. It was sad. So if course, hubby will be buried tbere with me too. That is what inspired all those posts yeaterday. My Uncle said that when he was anlittle boy, a “Beautiful lady all dressed in pink” kept appearing at his bedside. We have no udea where thus came from, but I want to see her too. He never spoke of it again, until just before he died unexpectedly, but when my mother asked him about it he remembered it clearly, and said he had not time right then, but would tell my mother more another day. Then he died, taking his secret with him! I keep lraying that I wilk see her too lol. I am an udiot you see! Xx


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