#FOWC – Advanced

FOWC with Fandango — Advanced

Katie felt in her handbag for the treacle tin as she turned into the long narrow lane just beyond the hill that rose out of the village. The night was dark and silent, with just the stars twinkling in the sky. A tad different to where she had just been in the village.

Straight opposite to the farm where Katie was headed was an airfield where American airmen were based. It was a Friday night, and everyone had been hell bent on having a good time. The noise in the pub was almost deafening, as the beer flowed, and men’s voices filled the air, singing bawdy songs. Loud laughter was ringing out from some of the tables, as some of the airmen eyed up the girls, who were all giggling and flashing flirty smiles at them.

Friday nights were always good at the village pub, and Katie always looked forward to them, after a week of hard graft at the factory where she worked, in the nearest town.

On this night, she had no one to escort her home, and it was almost midnight. Ever since being a child, Katie had carried a tin of treacle in her handbag, after her grandmother had held her hand walking back to the isolated farm, after picking up some groceries in the village. and upon suddenly hearing a strange noise, had said to Katie,

“Don’t worry. If anyone attacks us from out of the bushes, I’ll hit them with this treacle tin.”

Katie was quite taken up with the idea. It could be quite eerie at nights, walking up that hill and down the long lane to the farm. The treacle tin made her feel a bit safer.

On this night, as she walked down the lane, Katie suddenly heard what she thought were footsteps rustling in the grass in the field on the other side of the high hedge. Feeling a bit rattled, she slowed down to see what happened. The footsteps slowed down. Alarmed by now, she quickened her footsteps, only to hear the footsteps on the other side of the hedge quicken too. In a panic she got the treacle tin out of her handbag and held it at the ready. She could not get to the end of the lane quick enough, but as she speeded up, the footsteps ADVANCED, and Katie felt her heart would burst.

Soon, she reached the end of the lane, wondering what on earth was going to happen to her. She lifted the treacle tin up in the air, ready to smash it down on whoever was following her at the other side of the hedge, when she found herself confronted by a cow. It was one of her father’s prize cows. Katie started, thinking,

“Oh my God, I nearly smashed in the head of one of Dad’s best cows.”

And as she made her way to the farmhouse door, she could have sworn she heard the cow singing,

“Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do.”


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