#FOWC – Carry

FOWC with Fandango — Carry

Tread softly as you go into the night,
For many before have journeyed on this road,
Soon will come the dawning of the light.

Do not let your dark thoughts cloud your sight,
Raging long while you CARRY your load,
Tread softly as you go into the night.

Take heart from those of old who in the fight,
Preserved within the promise of a heavenly abode,
Soon will come the dawning of the light.

The light cannot be quenched by grief’s great might,
Sing, for joy on you will be bestowed,
Tread softly as you go into the night.

Speak soft and gentle words when at the height
Of darkest struggles, do not goad,
Soon will come the dawning of the light.

Let not your heart be troubled, glimpse the bright
Joys ahead, sweet heavenly food,
Tread softly as you go into the night,
Soon will come the dawning of the light.

18 thoughts on “#FOWC – Carry

  1. blindzanygirl

    Really? Steangely, I myself used to write music and songs. But now, I can’t see the fuve lines to put the notes into. But wow what a great idea and a great challenge. In fact, people have said that to me before about my poetry. That someone should se it to music. Ok, so you’re ON. I have a vluce recorder on my iPad and iPhone. I play the Natuve American Indian flute, and often play that out in the wikds, and ha e been known to fecord it for my friend in America. SOOO why don’t I put my piems into mysuc THAT wat? Wow. That would keep me occupued. I could then pist them uf inly I coukd find out how to do that. Uf not, I wilk send you the finushed. Erskon via email so that at least YOU can hear it lol. I have been prmised some drums too, so I had better get talking to rhe Tennesee poet and ask him what sort to ask for lol. You wikl hear me right over in France once I get started. Ooooh I AM excited now. I put hubby on the biscuit tin the other night, but he has no sense of rnythm so it didn’t work with my Natuve Amerucan flute! Ha ha!

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  2. I think that’s an absolutely wonderful idea Lorraine! We’ll figure out how to upload to YouTube and you’ll be a star in no time. I’m excited too now – what a super project 😀


  3. blindzanygirl

    Ha ha Lisa. Ok you’re on. I wanted to be able to make vuds of me reading my,poetry. I know that some ppl do that. But I don’t know how to pist it lol. Mind you, the sights of me might drive you all away Ha! We’ve tried to find out on google how to do it and it seems complicated, but I’m sure it’s not really!

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  4. blindzanygirl

    Oh Debbie. Thankyou SO much. I am so happy that my little poem helped you today. Yes I put it to music last night but need to discover how to post it as a vid on WordPress. Being blind, it is quite hard, but I have enlisted the help of hubby. But he doesn’t know either lol so we are both in the dark. Ha! All the very very best to you Debbie x

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  5. Hi. I just went and checked on the editor where you add media to your post and it would seem you need to be a paid subscriber to add video content, but maybe if you make it a YouTube video you can add a link to it into WordPress. Good luck.

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