I dream
Tonight of light
As yet unseen to shine
Into the unknown tomorrow
The gate
To a new world shining with stars
To guide us on our way
Pierce my darkness

In dark
I see more light
Of a different kind
Only visible to my soul
I see
With eyes
Wide open to another realm
A shining place to be
Alone I sing
My songs

13 thoughts on “I DREAM TONIGHT (For New Year)

  1. blindzanygirl

    Aww thankyou Di. A very Happy New Year to you and Hubby. I really hope that you can have a peaceful one,with no more health crises. You live in such a beautiful place. The coast is lovely. I feel it calling me! Maybe one day! Anyway, have a lively New Year. I bet our neighboyrs under the same roof as us will do the same as last year and have a VERY nousy drunken party. I am NOT looking forward to that bit,as it goes on until 3 in the morning!


  2. blindzanygirl

    Oh our. Ewish neighbours had a party untie 3 in the morning last year. They mived in jyst before Christmas, but they ARE part types, and had the loydest mist drunken parties ever in the garden right through the sumner. They din’t even THINK of their neighbours. They are under the same roof as us. I am DREADING tonight. The men have SYCH loud voices. I an truly dreading it because in my state of health I can’t take it. Don’t want to be a killjoy, but it gets too much!

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  3. I can understand that, we had a similar problem when our neighbours went away for six months and ‘rented their house out’ to family. We had parties most nights, cars coming and going at all hours and despite asking nicely, had to involve environmental health. Cheeky blighters said they had to have their music loud (4 different stereo systems playig different stuff at the same time) as they couldn’t hear it over our television. The guy had been in our house for over an hour and the TV wasn’t on.
    He said he could tell them the order of the tracks played and where as he could hear them through our walls, and if they didnt turn the noise down, he’d conviscate the lot. It was OK for a few weeks but soon got out of hand again, so they had another visit. It was a nightmare for us so we ended up moving. We had to declare disputes with neighbours and could honestly say we had no issue with them, just the people the rented their house to.


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