#FOWC. RESORT. Seduced by a Blackberry.

FOWC with Fandango — Resort

“Oh THOSE eyes,” mooned Reg, as he edged closer and closer to her.

Susie wondered what on earth was going on. She had never spoken to Reg directly before, nor he to her. In fact, she had found him rather boring. He always hogged the conversation around the table, and she always switched off once he started up.

“Oh those deep pools,” he continued. “I KNOW those eyes, I’ve seen them before.”

Well, Susie was a bit dumbfounded. Her eyes had always been the source of irritation to her mother.

“You’ve got eyes like your father’s,” her mother would say, disparagingly.

“You’ve got eyes like Auntie Francie,”her grandmother would say. This, if she dared to flash them, even fleetingly.

So, to hear these words from Reg flummoxed her.

She felt herself backing away as he edged nearer to her. But he persisted.

It was a funny thing about Writing Groups. There was always SOMEONE whom Susie had problems with. And in a closed room, what could she do?

Reg persisted, and as everyone else was engaged in conversation with someone else, Susie felt trapped. In the end, she attempted to turn the conversation to something other than eyes! And strangely, she discovered that she and Reg had a few things in common. Indeed,the conversation got a bit more interesting.

“Why don’t we go for a walk one day down by the river?” Reg asked one time. Susie and he had become a little more friendly by this stage. She found that they had friends in common, and a common interest in the theatre. So they were never really stuck for conversation. Indeed, Susie even began to feel a bit sorry for Reg, as his wife was always out at church, and it seemed that there was little left between them. And so, Susie agreed to go for the walk. It was a well trodden path by the river, and there were always people around. So she felt quite safe.

It was quite a shock to Susie when she heard Reg say, quite out of the blue, “Even if I COULD invite you to my house I couldn’t satisfy you.”

Who the HELL did this guy think he was? It was too late now though. They were on the walk. Susie edged away from him, but that only made him move nearer to her. She should have known. She had been stupid. Inside, she was chastising herself. What an idiot she had been. Far far too trusting. But that was Susie. She was not worldly wise and certainly where men were concerned, she never quite got it.

But it was the blackberry. Suddenly, Reg came at her with a blackberry that he had pulled from the bush at the side of the path.

“Open your mouth,” Reg demanded.

“No,” she said.

“OPEN YOUR MOUTH,” Reg insisted.

Susie thought about giving him a good kick, but realised that she could find herself in some trouble if she did that. After all, what harm could a man do with a blackberry?

Reg came up close to her, still demanding that she open her mouth.

“As I can’t satisfy you properly I will have to RESORT to a blackberry,” Reg announced. And with that, Susie realised that the only way to shut the man up was to give in. Quickly and deftly he popped the blackberry into her mouth , then drew back giggling like a schoolboy.

“There, it wasn’t that bad,” he chuckled, his mirth beginning to get the better of him.

They continued the walk but Susie was feeling decidedly odd. Had she just been seduced by a blackberry?

Years later, Susie found herself confronted by a blackberry again, on top of a cheesecake. She couldn’t help but think of Reg, and had rather a problem looking the blackberry in the eye.

2 thoughts on “#FOWC. RESORT. Seduced by a Blackberry.

  1. blindzanygirl

    Lol I know. Maybe as she got okder she realused that and felt embarrassed about it! Who knows? Thanks so much for reading and for the comnent


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