#FOWC. Eclectic. The Pillar of Society


I thought something was odd from the very beginning.  I just couldn’t quite put my finger on it.  It wasn’t that he wasn’t attractive.  Oh no.  In fact, he was TOO attractive.  It was his teeth that I noticed.  He had the most beautiful teeth when he smiled.  

“I learned to smile from the dog,” he informed  me one day.  Well I was quite sure that the dog hadn’t had teeth like THAT.  He’d been recounting his childhood to me.  

“All that smoking and drinking,” he had said to me.  

“The worst moment was when the bailiffs came” he announced.  “I suppose I WAS sad then.  I was inky a little boy, and they took everything we had.  And it wasn’t as if they didn’t have money.  They did.  They just spent it all and then some more, and got into debt.”

It was obvious now, however, that HE had money.  Even his socks were designer socks, with labels on.  

He revealed some very strange tastes and interests to me though.  One day he ruminated on whether it was possible ti change one reality for another, as some Philosophies said.  I knew he was turning simethung over in his mind when he said that.  He was never quite straight.  

He wanted me to change my name.  Get a new identity.  Smuggle me into a cottage somewhere isolated,where no one would find me.

“We can hide your car,” he said.  “No one will know you are there.”

As if that wasn’t bad enough, he said he wished his old friend was alive.  A bit of a criminal he was.  

“He’d have had you false  papers in no time.  He helped a lot of people in his time.”

He was a pillar of society.  His wife adored him.  

“She’d do ANYTHING for me,” he said.  

And it was true,  she WOULD.  It seemed that however wayward he was,  she clung to him all the more.  He was her world.  She lived flashing her expensive engagement ring at me, which she always wore.  She was so proud of it, and of her prowess as the wife of a leading member of society.  

Yes, he DID have some strange tastes, including, it seemed, murdering women.

“He has very ECLECTIC tastes,” she said to me one day.  

Not half, I thought, afterwards, when the truth came out.

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