The colours of life
Invade my soul changing me
Making hot cold

The colours of life
Turn everything on its head
Making cold hot

The colours of life
Paint a different picture
To the one I had

The colours of life
Must never be resisted
For they teach so much

The colours of life
Give us different perceptions
If we will let them

(This is a series of Senyrus all put together to form one poem)


  1. blindzanygirl

    Thankyou Sashki. It is really strange how different poems “grab” us. I would never have called this one of my best, but I am really glad that you see that in it. I am interested to know why. I did enjoy writing it. I normally just write one SENYRU BUT SAW THAT SOMEBODY ELSE HAD PUT A FEW TOGETHER, AND DECIDED TO TRY IT FOR MYSELF. I LOVE TO WRITE IN form, because for me, it is releasing rather than binding. Thankyou so much for your Comment Sashki

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  2. Forms have never worked for me …I so love free style and truely different poems have different effect on us ………as for this I loved how you began with colors of life invading the soul…then slowly how they change perspective and finally how you we should embrace each color and make life whole 💓❤️🤗


  3. blindzanygirl

    I wish you all the best with your very important work and research. Do you ever write it anywhere else, or is there somewhere I could read more about it? I am actually Cgristian, but only kind of loisely as I embrace most things, and believe utterly in having a spiritual path that does not rely on the body. Though the body DOES intrued upon, if that is the right word – no, it affects, – the spuritual path or can do. I don’t know about past lves and experiences relating to them. But in general terms, is there anything else that I can read of yoyrs, or your work, or about the things you research? Sorry for this long write lol xx

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  4. Thank you so much for showing interest in my work Lorraine ……I don’t write anywhere else ……it actually just started of as a way of catharsis for me …..but if you are really interested I suggest you read some books by Dr Brian Weiss ……..many lives many masters…. through time into healing ……are some great reads ….. don’t bother about long posts …it’s my pleasure to Converse with you


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