#FOWC. Petrified

FOWC with Fandango — Petrified

A poem about loss of trust

You speak,
Your words seem like
Solid ground, that I can
Stand on, build on, believe in, trust,
But then
I find that they are deceptions,
What I believed, not true,
Ground collapses
I sink.

A hole
Has opened up,
Where your false words once were,
I cannot move, cannot walk now,
I am
Not safe.
I stand here, PETRIFIED in fear,
I become as stone, still,
Afraid to breathe
Foul air.

Is what you gave,
Killing the life within
I struggle now to live, to breathe,
I hear your voice, my lover true
I am the love you seek,
Come now to me
And rest.

My words
Are firm and sure,
Solid, like a rock, hide
In me I will protect you now
Hold you,
Love you,
I will rock you as a baby,
Nothing now can harm you,
You are safe now
In me

Fear grips
My aching heart,
For I have learned to fear,
Shaking, I come towards you find
That you
Wait for
Me, weeping deeply for my pain,
Wanting only to hold
Me, comfort all
My fear.

I begin to
Move towards you crying,
Can it really be that you care?
Can I
Trust you when my life has taught me
Not to trust, that nothing
Is ever firm,
Or sure.

My heart
Aches, how I want
To believe in you run
Into your arms, be held firmly,
Please help
Me now
Take away the fear of my heart,
Release me so that I
Can come and fall
On you

Catch me
As I fall down
Enfold me in your love,
A love that I have never known,
Make me
Safe for evermore, never then
To be hurt, hit by the
Cruel blows that
Kill me.

How I
Want to love, your
Words seem true fill my heart
I am coming now, I trust you,
I feel
Your heart
Aching for me to come to you,
Your love weeping, says
That it is safe

I come

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