Last night I found a wonderful Blog written by Judy. Here is the link to it:

In reading her Blog and then downloading her amazing book, I was brought truly and honestly face to face with my cancer again. Many things I had buried in order to survive emotionally. But they have now re-surfaced, and today I plan to write about them. It is not pretty. I intend to write about The Bed. If you feel able to read it later, you will read about my experience of nearly dying, receiving the Last Rites, and of what it felt like to be leaving this world. Some of it is exceedingly joyous. So it is not ALL horrible. This is quite a venture for me because it goes very deep into me. But some people have asked me before, here in WordPress to write about my experience of almost dying. Of being on the brink, and seeing into a different world. I have held off until now, but something has prompted me, so it must be the right moment.

Thankyou so much to Judy for her Blog, her book, and for bringing this all out into the open. A subject that is usually not talked about and that is shrouded in mystery and fear.

I hope you will feel able to read it when I
post it, hopefully later today.

Have a good day everyone, and much much love to you all. And much love to Judy. Thankyou Judy x

3 thoughts on “LATER TODAY

  1. blindzanygirl

    Thankyou Judy. And I hope that people will come to read your Blog too. Yes, it is very very important to go deep. Hopefully some people will relate to it, and that leads to less of a feeling of isolation.


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