5 thoughts on “At the Edge of the Pier – By Mark Tulin @ Defiant Scribe

  1. blindzanygirl

    I think that we all have a very powerful life force within us Rajini. We were just made that way, because we had to be. We most naturally fight for life. But yes, the fear to die is very prominent too. Maybe that too is inbuilt. I will tell you that when I had my cancer (i still have it as am only in remission, not cured) I had the chouce whether to go abead with treatment that might or might not save me, or just allow myself to die. I was SO sick. My cancer was very advanced. Mi was at death’s door. I almost made the decision not to fight, but to let myself die, in the end I fought, we do, in the end. But I am faced with this every day of my life. I do not WANT tonlive, like this, totally helpless and very sick and in pain, but in a way I HAVE to. I guess you could analyse it euther way. Thus stiry has gone very deep with me, and now I want to talk about it. About the pain of my lufe. Not having to be strong any more, not having to fight and be cheerful. Just not having to be what I do not feel. But then I would be accused of whining. So I don’t talk about it. It hurts.

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