5 thoughts on “GRAVES

  1. ellem63

    I really like that. 🙂 Yesterday, my daughter and I had a walk to our local town cemetery. It’s in a beautiful setting among ancient woodland with a river running through it. It was fascinating (often sad) reading the headstones. It’s true that we’re ‘surrounded by friends’ – we may not have known these people in life, but we are all connected. The next time I walk through a cemetery I will always remember your words and that I am surrounded by friends. ❤

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  2. blindzanygirl

    Aww bless you Lesley. I was inspired to write this by sitting near the church graveyard in the village where I was born and baptised. We lived there for only about 18 months, but my grandparents had a farm there whichwas magical. I often was there. I came to know that village as my home, and it was my security as my world with my parents rocked. I knew the names of people in the village as my grandmother spoke of them often. I always wanted to live there. I want to go back to live there now as I feel it is my home. But it cannot happen. So I will be taken there on my last joyrney, drawn by horses, to the church, and then to the cemetery as the church yard now is full. On my headstone I want written “Home at Last” and at my funeral I want the hymn “Going home.” There will be few people at my funeral as we know no one now and most of my relatives have gone. But I want the horses to take me from the village up to my grandparents’ farm which is in different hands now, and stop for one minute at the lane end to the farm. It is out of the village in the countryside. Blyton is the village. Then I will be taken to the church for my funeral, then to the cemetery where my uncle is buried. I just LOVE that place. We are praying to be able to move baack there so I can spend the last part of my life in the place I call home ! Xxxx


  3. I often walk through our local cemetery, reading the headstones, trying to imagine the lives lived… even though these people are strangers, its nice to make a connection… 💓


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