Surrendering to the darkness I sit,
Letting its arms wrap around me, rock me,
For by no other is my dark life lit,
Only in the dark can I truly see,
Waves of peace wash over my aching soul,
Soothing, calming my ever raging storm,
For I have tried so long to reach a goal
Not of my own making, how I was torn,
I knew that in the dark there was more light,
For in the dark I see with different eyes,
The eyes that walk by faith and not by sight,
And in the darkness now my spirits rise,
The light deceives false comfort offers me,
Embracing dark I can be truly free

13 thoughts on “SURRENDERING

  1. Lorraine I found that information about my possible ancestor… His name was Francis Tregian and helped persecuted Catholics and incurred the wrath of the Queen. He was imprisoned in Windsor and London for 28 years.. James I liberated and banished him.. He retired to Madrid he died at Jesuit hospital at St Roque Lisbon and was buried standing up to represent the face the stood up to the heresies of Queen Elizabeth the first.


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