This poem reflects some of the treatment we have met in the place where we should least have had it. Very sad, but true

Do you know
The loneliness of hearts
Sometimes life seems so cruel
As I reach out ……and find only a stone
I hunger for bread
For my hungry soul to be fed
But I go unheard
My suffering unnoticed
By those who are fed at the banquet
But in my heart I know
That I am not the only one
That out there are many lepers
Hungry for love
To them I turn my heart
And touch them with my love

7 thoughts on “BREAD

  1. blindzanygirl

    Thanks Gary. Sadly, we are treated like this at our local church. But we have ceased to go there now, it hyrt badly at the time. Not really the place you would expect this kind of treatment. Never mind. Thanks SO much for your comnent Gary. I feel your support behind it.


  2. blindzanygirl

    Yes, I understand that. I have heard this before. It is so cruel. I don’t know what gets into people. I often think it is fear. They don’t know how to handle it. That doesn’t help us much, but it might explain it. My church has been horrid to me. Priest and people alike. I have been shocked to my core. I was accused of being stand offish and snobby because when people smiled and waved at me I didn’t do it back because I couldn’t see them and didn’t know they were doing it. They KNEW I was blind! They accused me of the sin of pride because of it. Said this is a serious sin and I should go to Confession. This was a Catholic Church as you will gather. The priest said I had to go to Confession too, because I got stuck in some difficult doirs in my power chair. They spun me round as they came back on me. He said that he was sure I would have committed sins around the doors. However, I just walked away from that church, never to return. I don’t go anywhere now as it’s a bit hard. But I miss the few friends that I DID have. Maybe one day I will find another. Duh! These things hurt a lot at the time though. I can total,y understand about yoyr son. That must have hurt you both SO much. When we lived in Derbyshire I was friends with someone who had an autistic daughter, older than your son though. We used to all hang out together, and they came for meals with us. We had great times. And the daughter had SUCH clear sight. She could see to the very heart of things. SO intelligent. Theywere great times. I hope your son has friends, and that not everyone shuns you both. X


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