Hubby fell out of bed – for the SECOND time in a week!

The first time, he dreamt that he was lifting his leg and putting his foot onto a step, and he actually did it and fell out of bed! He landed on his kness! Saying his prayers lol.

Fortunatly he was fine, and we giggled and laughed about it.

Last night he dreamt he was with some others, learning to crawl on his stomach in enemy territory! They had to crawl across this big open space avouding the town’s searchlight. When the searchlight was not on where he was waiting to go, he was instructed to “GO” and he went – out of bed onto the floor again! This time he went with a great thump!

Fortunately he is O.K. But something has to be done about this lol!

I then fell asleep again and had the most terrible nightmare of slipping over on the ice.

We don’t feel very chirpy this morning. Unlike the budgie, and the birds outside. I need my hot chocolate!

8 thoughts on “FUNNY NIGHT/MORNING

  1. If Hubby fell out of bed on the boat, it was a long drop as it was quite high. I couldn’t fall out as I slept close to the hull!
    Way back in the ’70s, a friend of mine broke his arm amongst other things in a motorbike accident. When he was in hospital. he fell out of bed and broke the other one. We laughed about it, especially when I asked how the bike was.

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  2. blindzanygirl

    Reblogged this on and commented:

    Just re read this strange times ha ha. He hasn’t fallen out of bed since, but he missed his wheelchair the other morning and landed on his bum.


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