When death comes it creeps
As if not wanting to be seen
Silently it wends its way
In many different attires
Bringing you to your knees
Never speaking its name
Or is it you
That does not want to speak its name
For fear of rousing it
To speak it is to know it
But you do not want to know
And yet……….
Deep inside you know its name
Know it is coming
The one thing that you cannot win over
The one thing that you cannot control
And oh, how you have controlled, all your life
But now is the big showdown
And we all know who will win

12 thoughts on “WHO WILL WIN?

  1. blindzanygirl

    Thanks so much yassy. It was written in response to the fact that my mother who is 93 may be dying soon from emohysema. She always believed she would never die, a d could control even that. However, she cannot control this, even though she has cintrolked everything else in her life. I really feel for her. Thanks so much yassy x

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