#FOWC – Power

FOWC with Fandango — Power

Is a leaf a flower
Or a swimming pool the sea?
Am I you or are you me?
Whose shoes do you wear?
Would mine fit you or yours fit me?
“Walk a mile in my shoes”
Or so the saying goes
The truth invades
You can’t
But if you could
How do you know you could do better than me?
Maybe you could
Who knows?
My shoes are worn
From much striving
Much walking
Many hard miles
On paths unknown
Littered with hard rocks
In the sizzling sun
In the freezing cold
Without a warm blanket
And here
In this place
You who are “strong”
Try to take POWER over me
Raising yourself up
To satisfy your own ego
Your need
I resist
In the heat of the day
I resist
Who is weak?
Who is strong?
I leave it to you to decide

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